Lunch at Palægade

At Restaurant Palægade, we bond tradition and innovation.

For lunch, we pay tribute to the classical danish open faced sandwiches, our ambition is to show what this danish heritage can be elevated to when combined with years of experience from top restaurants, the best ingredients, good craftsmanship, and modern techniques.

All presented straightforward, down to earth, and with quality to the core.

Smørrebrød med håndpillede rejer, friteret æg og caviar

Palægade Lunchmenu

Curry marinated herring with egg salad, and cress


Fried filet of witch flounder with remoulade, and lemon


Steak of minced beef with classic garnish, and egg yolk


Dessert from our trolley

DKK – 495,-



Curry marinated herring with egg salad, and cress
DKK 110,-

Red pickled herring with salted rhubarb, rosehip, and crème fraiche
DKK 110,-

Grilled Norwegian herring with kimchi, white asparagus, onion, and fermented chili
DKK 120,-

Smoked herring with potato compote, herbs, egg yolk, and onion
DKK 120,-
Warm fried herring with onions, and ramsons
DKK 120,-
Deep fried herring with leeks á la créme, peas, and fermented asparagus sauce
DKK 130,-


Fried filet of witch flounder with remoulade, and lemon
DKK 155,-

Fried filet of witch flounder with shrimps, mayonnaise, and lemon
DKK 180,-

Hand peeled shrimps on toast with mayonnaise, and lemon
DKK 170,-

Hand peeled shrimps on toast with fried egg, and caviar
DKK 245,-

Steamed turbot, and fried witch flounder with hand peeled shrimps, asparagus, caviar, and sauce Choron
DKK 345,-

Roasted turbot with braised ox cheek on crouton with parsley emulsion
DKK 250,-


Steamed white asparagus with sauce Hollandaise, and herbs
DKK 160,-
Potatoes with lovage mayonnaise, crispy fried onion, and aged Danish cheese
DKK 140,-
Toasted rye bread with tomatoes, smoked cheese, and chives
DKK 140,-
Rehydrated celeriac with mayonnaise, horseradish, and cress
DKK 130,-

Forest & Field

Chicken mayonnaise salad on toast with fried bacon
DKK 150,-
Beef tatare on rye bread with pepper mayonnaise, crouton, pickled tomato, and cress
DKK 150,-

Roastbeef with remoulade, horseradish, pickled cucumber, and crispy fried onion
DKK 150,-

Pork à la presse with peas, asparagus, and carrots
DKK 160,-

Puff pastry with a creamy sauce of chicken with peas, and asparagus

DKK 190,-

Steak of minced beef with classsic garnish, and egg yolk
DKK 190,-

Schnitzel of pork with morels, green asparagus, and ramson vinaigrette
DKK 245,-

Cheese & Dessert

Selection of three cheeses
DKK 120,-

Breaded, and fried Camembert with blackcurrant jam
DKK 110,-

Dessert from the trolley
DKK 110,- per piece

Petit four from the trolley
DKK 35,- per piece

4 pcs. petit four from the trolley
DKK 120,- per piece

Please inform the staff of any allergies 

Commercial cards, issued within or outside of EU/EEA and private cards issued outside EU/EEA, will be surcharged with a fee, which will be shown on your receipt. The fee rate may vary depending on the type of card and the country of origin.