Beverages at restaurant Palægade

Beers & aquavit

At Restaurant Palægade we have a large selection of beers & aquavit, a common trait for them all; you should always desire one more.

We have a good and close collaboration with the talented people at Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri, they fill our taps with the best draft beers.

From near and far we have collected Aquavit for every taste, with the greatest possible focus on taste and quality, the selection also offers our own aquavit made in collaboration with Radius Distillery.


In addition to our big focus on beer & aquavit, Restaurant Palægade is the new hot spot for wine enthusiasts, with an extensive and well-chosen wine list based on many years of experience from top restaurants, all affordably priced.

Furthermore, as something completely new, we have also introduced “The really good buy” in back of the wine list! An exclusive selection of great wines we sell at close to cost price, the entry requirement for “The really good buy” is the purchase of at least one other bottle from the large wine list and is limited to one bottle per. table.


We have found quality non-alcoholic alternatives from both Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri and Rebæl.

As well as the best non-alcoholic beers from Mikkeller & To Øl.