Restaurant Uformel is the more liberal younger brother of formel B. Located just 2 minutes from Rådhuspladsen, the restaurant is centrally positioned, making it a perfect spot to start before continuing your journey through the city.

The restaurant opened in 2014 as a kind of rebellion against the finer and more formal style of Michelin-starred restaurants. Hence, the atmosphere at Uformel is relaxed, and the music is louder.

At Uformel, you can choose either our 5-course menu or delve into our a la carte options. Here, the flavors are pure and deep, aligned with the ingredients, and the craftsmanship is tight and rigorous. We recommend 4-6 dishes per person.

It shares the same core essence as formel B. However, at Uformel, a distinctive feature is the Eastern-inspired undertones. There’s mostly a classic base, yet without any strict dogmas, allowing for experiences like soy and seaweed alongside Vesterhavs cheese, tartar, and veal sweetbreads.

Indretning på Restaurant Uformel