Restaurant lilleB is born out of Rune and Kristian’s connection to the area around Høve Strand in Odsherred, as well as their passion for creating unpretentious meals from local ingredients in surroundings that invite guests to relax and indulge in good food and company.

At lilleB, there’s only one menu, and that’s all you need. It consists of 9 savory servings in 4 heats, served family-style for the whole table. Cheese and/or dessert can be added on the evening. Our food at lilleB is prepared, as much as possible, using local ingredients, and parts of the menu are cooked over an open flame on the large Ofyr grill that greets guests upon arrival at the tent.

Inside the tent, the atmosphere is relaxed, and guests can safely lean back and enjoy warm summer evenings in good company. We offer a selection of wines from formel B in a wine cabinet in one corner of the tent, inviting exploration, and guests are more than welcome to discover it. The choice of wine can also be left to our skilled servers, who have put together a wine menu perfectly matched to the evening’s menu. Of course, we also offer non-alcoholic alternatives such as homemade lemonade.

In the Strandbaren, you can purchase cold drinks and casual comfort food to be enjoyed on the site between forest and beach. Try our classic burger with organic beef in a perfectly soft bun with potato and buttermilk.

Please note that it’s neither necessary nor possible to reserve a table in the Strandbaren.

The 2024 season starts on May 8th and runs until September 1st.


With a unique location at Høve Strand in Sejerøbugten, our partner, LILLERO, offers an exclusive and distinguished experience in their luxury tents. It’s the perfect place to unwind and find tranquility.

Explore the surrounding landscape, which boasts forested areas and beautiful sea views. After a swim, you can warm up in the sauna and enjoy the fantastic bay scenery.

The goal of LILLERO is to provide you with a comfortable stay where you can relax and focus on what matters to you.

Enjoy a comfortable stay in luxury tents, equipped with wooden floors and freshly made beds.